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  • Sara Amor

7 Tips For Curly Hair

By Sara Amor

  1. Curly hair needs moisture and protein, have at least 1 product in your routine focused on moisture and 1 product focused on protein (ask your stylist what kinds of protein you need for your hair type)

  2. Damp styling vs soaking wet styling. Damp styling can create a smaller curl pattern where as soaking wet styling can create a larger clump - adjust the amount of moisture in your hair while styling to create a different look with the same products

  3. Detoxify your curls to avoid any buildup on your curls and keep them fresh and happy.

  4. Leave in conditioners are a MUST, curly hair is naturally more dry and needs moisture to stay happy!

  5. Use a microfiber towel when drying your hair to gently remove excess water or product without roughing up the outer layer of hair which causes frizz

  6. Diffuse on low/medium heat and high air flow for efficient and gentle drying results

  7. Don’t stress and always try new products and techniques

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