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  • Sara Amor

3 ways to keep your hair hydrated in the dry season

In salon treatments and at home hair care to keep your hair soft and silky in these cold winter months!

        1.      Balance Co-Wash - shampooing to often can lead to dry hair and a dry scalp. Combined with the dry winter weather, can lead to frizz, static, and fragile spots in the hair prone to breakage! This hydrating Co-Wash can be a refreshing and gentle cleanse for those that want to refresh their hair between shampoos!

        2.      Diamond Mask - conditioning masks at home help to ensure proper hydration for thirsty hair! With honey and green tea extract, this ultra-rich product offers luxurious conditioning! Ask your stylist how often you should use this product!

        3.      K18 pro treatments - K18 is a great way to hydrate and protect your hair from the harsh winter weather! This Molecular Repairing in salon treatment can be added on to any service and heals the hair from the inside out within minutes! Adding extra protection to the hair will prevent it from feeling dull and dry in the first place!

By Sara Amor

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