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  • Sara Amor

5 tips to make your blowout last during dry seasons - by Sara Amor

With the dry winter season here to stay, it’s time to change up our routines to make the most of our wash days:

        1.      Change up your shampoo and conditioner! In this dry time of year, you might need something that offers more hydration! Ask your stylist what’s best for you and your hair type.

        2.      Good prep! Heat protection and hydration are the keys to a good smooth blowout! Leave in conditioner and a blowout cream or spray are the most basic and necessary prep products for a good blowout! If your hair is finer in texture, feel free to add a volumizing product to your routine!

        3.      Turn down your heat! Excessive heat with hot tools will lead to dryness in the hair. With a lack of moisture in the air, you’ll have a lack of moisture in your hair, too!

        4.      Replenish your hair with lightweight oils! These are best used on refresh days when the mids and ends of your hair are feeling a little dry. Adding shine and locking in moisture, lightweight oils like Seven’s Relax Serum or K18’s Molecular Repairing oil will work wonders on dull, dry ends.

        5.      Try a dry conditioner! Dry shampoos BFF! A dry conditioner helps to smooth out frizz and is a great finishing step when refreshing hair between wash days! (Dry hair masques are a great option too!)

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